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Solar Fresh Air

Fresh, Filtered, Conditioned Outdoor Makeup Air and Indoor Air

It's Your Green Energy, is proud to be on the forefront of specialty designs for Fresh Indoor Air, using Sunshine. Almost every HVAC contractor mentions Indoor Air Quality, but never expands beyond a special piece of equipment that their major brand supplier says they should start selling.

Customizing your Air Handling System(s) to supply Fresh Indoor Air with Filtered, Conditioned Outdoor Air is a blend of Engineering and State of the Art Techniques. We have now figured out a way to do this, while further helping you save money and decreasing your energy consumption by using Your Free Energy.

Humidity is one of the biggest causes of mold, mildew and dust mite growth in the home. Imagine sitting in your house, and being in complete control of the comfort of your air, not just with the temperature, but through complete temperature and humidity control and not having to worry about how high the electric bill will be this month to enjoy this comfort. We have designed these systems to specifically help people who suffer from allergies and Asthma.

SoInDry Dehumidification System

We are pleased to offer our complete solar dehumidification system, The SoInDry. This design offers the ability to monitor and control humidity independent of your air conditioning system; allowing for the sizing of smaller equipment and creating shorter run times. All of this adds up, or to be mathmatically correct, it reduces the work load and potential short cycling of your air conditioning equipment; it means you save ENERGY, which means you save MONEY!

This system can be retro fit into exisiting systems, or can be designed at new construction. The best part is it can use Your Green Energy right from the sun!

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