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Solar Hot Water for Your Business

Solar Hot Water 101

Water has an amazing property, which makes it awesome at storing heat energy. I don't want to bore you with a chemistry lesson, but it is helpful to understand Solar Hot Water is one of the best and easiest ways to store energy. You don't need to install your own power station, all you need is a storage tank, just like the one you're currently using with your standard electric or gas hot water heater.

Saving you some green

The amount of energy it takes to heat water for use in your business is not very easy to track with a typical set up, let alone how much that equates to in dollars and cents. Let's conservatively break it down, so you can get the idea.

Hot water needs for your business can fluctuate much differently than in the home. Where the average household, it makes up about 30% of the energy usage, it can be much more than that depending on what industry you are in.

Businesses can also benefit in different ways. Adding Solar to assist in a process can dramatically lower product costs. Additional grants and rebates may also available. Also, promoting your business as one that has made the switch to renewable energy can also help you attract more business. What other ways can you think of to create a new opportunity to promote your business, while helping the environment and saving money? Doesn't this all make sense?

The Apricus Solution

The Apricus Evacuated Tube Solar Collector has changed the industry with their advanced design.

Key design elements:
  1. The Evacuated Glass Tube Collectors allow for many different, more aesthetically appealing installation options.
  2. The individual Evacuated Tubes allow for easy maintenance, without having to shut the system down.
  3. The round shaped tubes allow direct contact with the sun, for longer periods of the day.
  4. Freeze protected heat pipes and insulated manifold. No drain down or antifreeze required.
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