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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting all your questions answered while considering something new is a must, so we compiled a list of our most commonly asked questions, so you can make an educated decision.

Do I have to have to place the solar collectors on the roof?
We get this question a lot, and the answer is no. Our solar hot water collectors are made from evacuated glass tubes, these collectors allow a small amount of light to actually pass through allowing many different installation possibilities and aesthetics! No more covering up your beautiful roof if you choose not to!

Why is dehumidification important for my health?
Humidity has many ways it can affect us. From a health stand point, high humidity levels promote allergens, which can trigger asthma as read in this article.

Mold and Dust Mite population growth will flourish in high humidity areas. Wood floors, furniture, and other valuables can also suffer in humid environments.

I understand how Solar is a renewable energy source, but what does dehumidification have to do with it?
This is a very important question. Here at It's Your Green Energy, we are not just focused on collecting the Sun's awesome energy, once we have it, we want to create as many ways to use it as possible. Using the Sun's energy to dehumidify your home is one of these ways.

Air conditioning makes up a HUGE portion of your energy expense each year. By lowering the humidity independent of the temperature, we can create a scenario where the air conditioner doesn't have to work as hard. Think about it like this, if I told you to carry a 5 gallon bucket up 4 flights of stairs, with only air inside that would be pretty easy right? Now, what if I filled that same bucket full of water? Would you have to work harder? Would it put more strain on your body? Would it take you longer? Dehumidifying allows the air conditioner to do less work, puts less load on the parts, and helps you get to a desired level of comfort easier.


Can I have Solar Hot Water (Solar thermal) and Solar PV (electric) for my home at the same time?
Great question, and the answer is yes. Our designs allow for the use of both Solar Renewable Energy Systems. Watch the video by Dr. Jeffry Tate of CTD Holdings, INC

Will I have Solar Hot Water to use in the evening after sunset?
Our system design is targeted to be sufficient in size for you to collect enough of Your Free Energy during daylight hours to meet the normal household daytime and nighttime hot water requirements for a 24 hour period. This is the beauty of high energy, hot water solar storage. You have high energy storage in a low cost system, hot water in a tank.
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