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Welcome to It's Your Green Energy!

Our mission is to serve Florida's communities, and the World for that matter, as a company focused in the effort to lower the impact on the environment by promoting the use of Renewable Energy. We specialize in systems which maximize the use of this energy, your energy... hey It's Your Green Energy!

Environmental Benefits

Right now, as you may know, most of the energy consumed across the globe comes from fossil fuels; oil, natural gas, and coal just to name a few. Burning these fossil fuels to create energy produces extreme amounts of CO2 which is released into the atmosphere each year. The greenhouse effect starts coming into play, and since these large amounts of CO2 become trapped, which increases temperatures and also the possibility of extreme weather.

As mentioned before we want to focus on solutions here, not drag you through the problems, so it is important to understand, that by using renewable energy, environmental impacts can be greatly reduced, and the dependency that we have been forced to buy into, can and will go away.
Solar Hot Water is a great way to begin this process. Water has very unique properties, which allow heat energy to be stored very easily. All you need is a tank! Since the average household's hot water needs account for nearly 30% of CO2 emissions, and using Solar Hot Water will replace between 50-90% of those needs; Solar Hot Water can create a reduction in CO2 emissions by more than 20%! That is a huge difference, since Solar is currently less than 3% of all the renewable sources of energy used.

Here is what that benefit looks like using items we are in contact with on a daily basis:

Financial Benefits

Although green energy is available for everyone hence our name "It's Your Green Energy", and it is a proven money saver after making the switch; renewable energy sources find themselves "on the backburner" in the minds of the masses. Ignoring potential uses of green energy stems from misinformation, potential installation financial constraints, and let's be honest no one likes CHANGE. These factors force decisions to stay on the easiest path available, it keeps life simple, and so life with "Big Energy" providers, continues.

Change is easy. It is not our intention of outlining the ongoing debate about global warming and the other effects on the environment.

All we want is to educate you on the facts:
  1. There are great ways you can help the environment using renewable energy.
  2. You can save a lot of green by "Going Green"
  3. New products, processes, and technology are making it easier to "flip the switch".

This chart shows that with the current Solar Rebates and Credits and with the average monthly energy savings, a New Solar Hot Water system costing could pay for itself in under 3 years!!!